Name Hamid Elhaj Hamed
Department college Environmental Studies and Disaster Management
Courses and training
Basic firefighting 1979
Basic rescue 1978
Aircrafts firefighting 1979
First aid
Domestic administration basics
Marine firefighting 1980
Telecommunication basics 1983
Practical firefighting 1980
Fire prevention 1982
Fire investigation 1981
TOT training of trainers 1986

Law Bsc Ribat national university
Military sciences diploma Sudan military college 1978

Practical experiences
Sudan civil defense deputy general manager hqs 2010
common affairs managerense Sudan civil defense HQs 2010
technical department manager Sudan civil defense HQs 2009
safety department manager Sudan fire HQs. 2000
monitoring station manager Sudan civil defense central HQs 1998
training manager Sudan civil defense HQs 1996
Fire officer Sudan fire services 1980